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Twitter sees through Human Behavior

Number of Twitter users has been growing rapidly. If you think about it, Twitter is just an “upgraded chatroom” that lets you pick your audience and who to listen to. Why is everyone going crazy about Twitter these days? I think I can explain Twitter’s success with human behaviour and psychology.

May 27th Tweetup in Central Hong Kong

@tortue, @yardley_luk and I have been talking about a meetup for quite awhile. I asked both of them today about meeting up tomorrow and “surprisingly” both of them are available tomorrow. @Tortue tweeted about it and we got more and more feedback asking for the time and location. So I thought it would be a good idea to make a blog post about it to give you more information on Read More...

#musicmonday: Al vaiven de mi carreta

Cover of Distinto Diferente I’m a Cuban music addict. And on #musicmonday today, I’m going to share with you this beautiful piece by Afro Cuban All Star, vocal was Ibrahim Ferrer. If you listen to Cuban music, this song shouldn’t be new to you. If you didn’t know this song, and you want more songs with similar style, feel free to ask me on Twitter @TimHo. Listen Now: You can Read More...

“Passion” will beat Education in the future job market

Since we were young, most of us have been told that education/ knowledge was everything. Although many people still think that education is the key to success, I do think there’s something which is way more important than education, and it is passion. I will show you why I think employers in the future will focus on job seekers’ enthusiasm rather than their education background.

Why Twitter is like your high school life

There are 4 basic reasons for me to meet people in school; Appearance (Twitter profile) School “reputation” Mutual friends When I heard something during short break that interest me, I would start talking to this person randomly (@replies), if the conversation went well, we would become friends (follow each other).

Another excuse to be naked

Have been looking at viral campaigns a lot lately, hope you’re not bored watching them yet. This one is another good one I found by Tabasco. This 40 seconds video with Greek background music got Tabasco more than 10,200 views since April 30th. Very smart idea as viewers would most likely watch the whole clip and notice Tabasco at the end.

Cool Ad: Melting Perrier by Ogilvy Paris

Being part of Ogilvy, I’m proud to share the success of their new campaign by Ogilvy Paris. With the weather getting warmer, it’s the best time for Perrier to launch this creative TV and print campaign, “melting perrier”. The video was uploaded to Youtube on April 23rd, and there have been 2300 views (plus other video sharing sites), may not be as high-traffic as many viral videos but I really Read More...

Funny ad by ICC World Twenty20

Animals are always used in Ads. Like the old Cadbury viral video from 31 August 2007, ICC World Twenty20 is using Gorilla again, but this time, they are playing cricket. It’s only been 4 days to a week since it’s uploaded, so far around 6000 views, will it go viral?

Tweets can be searched on Google soon?

Google constantly improves and adds value to their services. At a recent US press conference, they mentioned that they have been considering adding micro-blogging messages to Google search. Google can easily launch this new service as they have already been offering blog search tools and the number of micro-blogging networks is also very limited. Social Media Monitoring Tools might need to add more value to their services if Google actually Read More...