TIm Ho Monkey

Introducing: Tim Ho’s Monkey (15 Google Wave invites inside)

I always have things to share online, so much information gets at me each and every day, but sometimes things are just too small or too personal for this blog, and too big for a tweet. Other than that, I just got an iPhone 3Gs and I just have too much data usage to spare.

So finally, I decided to create a posterous blog (blog that can be easily updated with mobile device), which will hopefully give me a chance to share more with you.

On “Tim Ho’s Monkey“, I will share a bit of what I do in my personal life, social life, smaller findings on social media, social media events/ meetings information, or even music, videos, who knows? Tim Ho’s Monkey is just everything about me.

I think most of you have already registered for Google Wave, but I have nothing else to offer unless @dda wants to sponsor me wine to give away :)
If you/ your friend still need Googlewave invites, all you have to do is to be the first 15 people to tweet this:

Ogilvy Digital Strategist @timho just launched a new personal blog! http://monkey.tim-ho.com #mthgw

If you are my friend and just like this idea, you can tweet the same without hashtag.
Look forward to getting more postings up!

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