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Why paying bloggers is like paying prostitutes?

As I see more and more “social media agencies” out there, I started to look into what they are offering their clients with their so-called “social media marketing” campaigns and I realized what they do are basically the same as prostitution. It’s wrong, but many agencies do it Many of these agencies do only tactical plans in order to show tangibility, but would they work without a strategy behind it? Read More...


Avatar VS Sherlock Holmes on Social Media

I always think it’s interesting to see movies’ online mentions because movie business rely so much on Word on Mouth. I believe that “word of mouse” can somehow reflects how the movies are doing. You might also want to check out my previous post “Social Media Mentions of Movies predict Revenue“. Avatar is obviously ahead of the game, but Sherlock Holmes is catching up, I believe mention numbers will grow Read More...

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Photos: The Last Tweetup 2009 – Hong Kong

Thanks for attending the Last Tweetup of 2009! As promised, here are the pictures taken from The Last Tweetup of 2009 in Hong Kong by @bethebutterfly, @spikehk and myself. We had a great night and let's meet again in 2010 for the "First Tweetup in 2010"? Also if anyone has more pictures from that night that you would like to share on here, please let me know.


Event: Lepak with Brian Giesen and Tim Ho

As many of you might already know that I’m currently in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia till this Saturday night. We are also lucky enough to have Brian Giesen, Regional Director of Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence APAC, coming up to KL at the same time. We would love to meet up with all the social media lovers in KL, and from what I was told by colleagues in KL office, word “Lepak” Read More...

Last Tweetup

The Last Tweetup – 2009

It's been a good year, here's an invitation to all for The last tweetup in 2009, let's all drink, meet the people behind the avatars, and celebrate! @dda and I have also been talking about having "dirty noodles" (Hong Kong local noodles) in Wanchai before the tweetup and a few people showed interest in joinging, feel free to contact me for more info.