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Rambler: The Sneakers that Tweet

Rambler is the only pair of shoes in the world that owns a Twitter account, designed and created by artist and technology savvy Ricardo Nascimento. These’s a sensor inside the sneakers that tracks movements, then updates it’s Twitter. However, it can only tweet two words, “tap” and “.”, depending on the pressure you exert. It’s quite creative but not practical at all at this stage, would be interesting to see Read More...

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Journalists and Social Media: Magazine Writers hate Twitter

Cision and Don Bates of George Washington University have recently conducted a research on Print and Web Journalists’ usage of social media for researching and reporting stories. Results are based on 371 responses from September 1, 2009 to October 13, 2009. There are approximately two thirds of all journalists and writers using social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn) for research, only about half of them use Twitter and magazine writers Read More...

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Slides: Social Influence Marketing Trends

Found this great presentation put together by Shiv Singh from Razorfish, also author of the book "Social Media for Dummies". Shiv highlighted 5 trends in this deck with a simple structure and each point is very well explained. SIM (Social Influence Marketing) enters the mainstream Social Influencers drive sales Putting people before brand Every decision becomes social Measuring it all


Data Visualization: China Censored Websites

David McCandles from InformationIsBeautiful has always been one of my favourite people to watch in data visualization. Below is a beautiful piece he put together recently showing the censored websites (grey) and keywords (red) with the shape of China. All the data is based on the information from Wikipedia.

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Funny Viral Video: The Social Media Guru

The real “Social Media Gurus” don’t really speak like this, but very similar. Reconsider when someone just come up and tell you how they can create you or your company a social media strategy just because they have so many followers on Twitter and how great and popular they are on social media. This video is going viral now, thanks @thomascrampton for sending it!

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Interview: Kevin She – Founder and CEO of SC Storage

I was lucky enough to have the chance to interview the CEO and founder of the SC Storage (時昌迷你倉), Kevin She. SC storage was founded in 2001, the first storage company in Hong Kong, it is also one of a few Hong Kong successful cases using social media. Kevin is passionate about social media himself, he doesn’t use social media as a channel to generate sales, instead, he chose to Read More...

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Sex Sells: Summary of Carls Jr’s Social Media Campaign

Some of you might have already heard about this campaign in the US, I don’t have to explain further on how effective sex sells in advertising, it’s been creating buzz on many social media channels. It is a campaign by Carls Jr. a fast food restaurant chain in the US, they have been using sex appeal for awhile in their previous ads, this is one of them. Thought it would Read More...

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Top 10 Apps I can’t live without (and how I use them)

These are some of the great apps that have “changed my life”, hope you find it useful. Apologize to PC users, you should perhaps consider getting a mac to make your life easier. Evernote I use Evernote mainly for Blogging, collecting ideas, and work connections. Blogger: Since my work is very relevant to my passion, it often gives me ideas on what I should write on this blog. With Evernote, Read More...

China Daily Digital Gaps

I’m quoted on China Daily!

Right before I moved to Hong Kong from Toronto back in September 2009, writer of the China Daily (HK edition), Tiffany Wong were interested in interviewing me on Internet and Social Media trends in Hong Kong, and coincidently she was in Toronto, so we met up in person in Downtown Toronto and had great chat about digital media and online privacy issues, some of what we talked about were not Read More...

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15 Advantages of Social Media for Personal Branding

More people are using Social Media as a major channel to do self-branding because reputation is all about word-of-mouth, and social media can generate the positive “word of mouse” if it’s done right. If you’ve ever considered managing your own online reputation through social media, here’s 15 advantages compiled by my colleague Ashleigh Flower (@mercuryplanet) who’s now interning at 360 Digital Influence of Ogilvy, please follow her on Twitter. Embrace Read More...