Young Teens love social networking, hate Twitter

It’s not surprising that social networking sites are becoming more and more important for most Internet users. Most of the teens these days own a Facebook profile, for both networking and playing online games.

Teens are extremely active on Social Media

From a recent research conducted by Pew Internet, 63% of teens in America go online every day, and 73% of these teens are on social networking websites, a huge growth from 55% in 2006.

Teens Hate Twitter

Twitter is not where they mostly communicate, only 8% of the wired teens use Twitter, far less than using SMS on mobile phones as 66% of them do.

After all the celebrity buzz, many teens signed up for Twitter accounts just to keep track on celebrities, but Twitter is obviously not the main communication channel among friends yet.

Teens are going mobile

75% of teens have a cell phone and love going online wirelessly. With the major growth of smart phones and all upcoming wireless devices, will teens jump on to Twitter as the major communication tool in the future?

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Photo Credit: Sean Dreilinger

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