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What I learned from the University Students

University is always a fun place to be, I went to Hong Kong Polytechnic University to give a presentation on how Social Media is changing the advertising industry last Friday. As I told the students, I was THE bad boy when I was in University. Never liked to be in class, drank at the bar during “5-minute breaks”, and of course, never paid attention to guest speakers. These students are very Read More...


Is Social Media Killing Email Marketing?

This is the question that most Digital Marketers have thought about. In a recent research by Sherastone, only 2 digital marketing “tactics” had increased in budget in 2009; they are email and social media. Social Media is NOT killing Email Marketing I don’t think email marketing is dying. I think marketers need to really see social media as a strategy, and email marketing can be one of the “social media Read More...


Great Ad Parody: Specsavers ‘The Specs Effect’

Parody in advertising can gain more attention than the original piece if it’s done well. This piece definitely went viral. Specsavers, an online glasses shop created this great viral piece that mocks an older advertisement by AXE. AXE has always been selling sex appeal in their ads, Specsavers’ ad is clever enough to take advantage of all the buzz AXE has. The original Ad by AXE And here’s the Specsavers’ Read More...


Report: Social Media and Small Businesses

I’ve seen more and more local success by adopting social media to local SMEs, although what they do are rather tactical and advertising focused, they started to see more and more value from social media. According to a recent study by Small Business Success Index, small businesses has doubled their social media adoption from 12% in 2008 to 24% in 2009. Many Small Biz just want to “be on it” Read More...


Photos: Tweetup with Brian Giesen and Tom Smith

[nggallery id=4] Thanks everyone for attending the Tweetup from last Tuesday (March 2nd), also hope our 3 guests Brian Giesen, Tom Smith and Jenny Armshaw-Heak had fun. More than 20 people joined the tweetup and I’m glad most of us had a chance to meet each others. Would also like to thank the venue sponsor RED SoHo and @GeoffTwitchen for arranging the “Tweetup Corner” for us!


Event: Tweetup with Brian Giesen and Tom Smith

I will be hosting my 2nd tweetup of 2010 on March 2nd. This tweetup is going to be a little different from the previous ones, we will have 2 special guests (actually 3) this time. Brian Giesen @bdgiesen is my colleague in Ogilvy who’s based in Sydney Australia,  he’s is an award-winning, founding member of Ogilvy’s 360 Degree Digital Influence group and passionate word of mouth marketing practitioner. Brian is extremely Read More...