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Pop Music and Cuban Music of Social Media

I’m often very sad about the music culture these days, when songs are all produced for profit and how they make people love their music with all the lifestyle marketing tactics. Cuban music (or any other non-mainstream music) on the other hand don’t do that, they aren’t desperate for attention, they aren’t playing music for money, they just love music and believe in it. PR/ Social Media Agencies that produce Read More...

Granny Tweets Fax

87 Year-old Granny Tweets with the Fax Machine

Tweeting from a computer is just the same as tweeting with a mobile, the iPad, or the fax machine. Some marketers these days think way too much about social media as a new shiny solution and forget about the core idea/ concept of it, which is the same as how we speak to friends everyday. It’s all about basic communications.