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IBM factbook

Data Visualization: IBM World Factbook Dashboard

If you like data visualization, you probably don’t want to miss this one. I just discovered this interactive dashboard IBM has developed earlier this year. Google has put together a visualization tool with the same sets of data by World Bank, but World Factbook Dashboard presents the data in a way more stylish and advanced way. Great tool to be bookmarked for future country research as it can give you Read More...


Free Tool: Global Web Index Lite

GlobalWebIndex has recently launched a free tool that allows users to quickly get a snapshot of their data on social media insights, this free tool was built based around the data they have gathered from Wave 2 database from January 2010. The latest data, Wave 3 from July 2009 is only available for GlobalWebIndex clients. This tool comes very handy when you are looking to create quick slides with valuable Read More...


Stop listening on Social Media!

When I was a child, my parents used to give me long lectures all the time. I realized they would stop after awhile if I tried to act like I was listening. I wasn’t learning though. Listening is Easy More and more companies these days have started to gather data on what their consumers/ potential consumers say about their brands on social media. Since there are tons of free and Read More...