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How the Internet and Social Media are similar to movie Inception

I wasn’t too impressed by the movie Inception, maybe I set the expectation too high because of all the great buzz online and offline. This movie, however, reminded me about how social networks are structured these days. Many people said that the Internet is like their second life, they can’t live without it and it’s nothing eventful for them to be on it. What social networking sites do are actually Read More...


Why luxury brands are forced to engage on Chinese social media (even when they don’t make money)

Many of us are aware of how fast the luxury market has been growing in China, it is currently the second largest market in the world for luxury goods. China is also a country with most internet users, so it’s pretty obvious that luxury brands should start targeting netizens and let Internet plays huge role in their marketing strategies, but they all face the same problem; Chinese people still don’t Read More...


Experiential Campaign: Red Bull Airdrop Box

[nggallery id=5] A smart experiential campaign was recently created by Creative Agency Owen & Stork. Simular to Ogilvy & Mather’s $73,000 bill from a bar campaign, the key to this is to attract instant attention by reproducing something that does not happen in everyday’s life. If you’ve read Seth Godin‘s book Purple Cow, you must know how powerful it can be to be “memorable”. Not that hiring hot girls to Read More...