How the Internet and Social Media are similar to movie Inception

I wasn’t too impressed by the movie Inception, maybe I set the expectation too high because of all the great buzz online and offline. This movie, however, reminded me about how social networks are structured these days.

Many people said that the Internet is like their second life, they can’t live without it and it’s nothing eventful for them to be on it.

What social networking sites do are actually designing a layer beneath the Internet, to try and group the most Internet users in one place, they do so by planting the idea and make users believe that everything on this layer allows us to do certain things like how we do traditionally, or sometimes, better than offline communications, very similar to the first layer of dream in the movie Inception.

More interesting thing is how more and more “designers” are actually trying to create another layer under the social network layer. These “designers” do not have the ability to create a layer with a scale as big as the first layer (like Facebook), but they still try to group as many users as possible under that layer.

Company like Zynga does a good job in designing this second layer, products like Farmville and Zynga Poker do a really good job with almost around 30 million daily active users.

Now, will there be the 3rd layer under the 2nd one?

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  • Athan Didaskalou

    8 months ago

    i like this concept. i first read the title and thought you were way off, and I was going to suggest to stop smoking what ever it was you were smoking. but it is actually a very good analogy. good work

  • author wanglili

    7 months ago

    Hi, it could be easier to find the information about you, if you put “about me”page in an easy to find location.

  • Tim

    7 months ago

    Thanks for your feedback. However, you seem to be the only one who has this problem. And the blog is not really about me and my life.

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