Why would guys with multiple girlfriends make a good marketing agency?

The favorite girlfriend

A man can have multiple girlfriends, but there’s always a favorite one or the wife who they want to (or have to) pay most attention to. This man would try his best to satisfy this one woman, he would put this woman in the centre and make plans around her. This woman is just like the biggest client in an agency that the team has to make sure they deliver the most out of all the clients.


Guys with multiple girlfriends (especially the married ones) have to have the best time management skill. Time slots have to be perfectly planned otherwise they won’t get to see any of the girlfriends. Getting too many girlfriends without a proper “project” management strategy will also easily end up with breakups. Similar working in marketing agency, too much client work without a good workflow system might end up getting nothing done. Greatest marketing agencies are not the most creative ones, they are the ones that can make the creative ideas happen.

Dating ideas

When a guy try to make plans with one of his girlfriends, he would make sure the locations don’t overlap with where the other girlfriends usually go, at the same time they would try to recycle the ideas/ lines they use. Just like how agencies try to leverage on existing work/ content while they have to avoid executing similar ideas on different clients.

Memories and Lies

Guys with multiple girlfriends need to have great memory skills too, they need to remember every girlfriend’s personality, favorite color and favorite food without mixing up with other girlfriends, just like marketing agencies having good client servicing and manage to learn all details and project progresses of all clients.


There are also moments when the woman meet another guy. Similar happens when agencies try to pitch a client and the client is not convinced, the agency would go, “Is there another agency?”

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  1. ¿Por qué los hombres con muchas novias pueden tener una buena agencia de marketing?

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