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No, you can’t (always) trust customers!

Businesses are supposed to be built around, or even within consumers these days, that’s why research is becoming more and more important when it comes to any kinds of business development, but should companies trust their customers? Polls, surveys, and focus groups are what most companies use for consumer insights, I don’t doubt the accuracy of the surveys and I know companies and agencies are getting very good at conducting Read More...


How to create viral videos?

Working in an agency, and being in the leading social media team in Asia Pacific, there are a few common questions that I always get. “How to make my video viral” is one of the most popular ones that comes up all the time, clients even tried to pay us for a “formula” to make things viral. I’m about to give you the answer, for free, which might not answer Read More...

Super Bowl Ads Preview

Advertising is “back” – Is social media not working?

Fox Sports just announced that all their commercial spots for Super Bowl next year are all sold out. Super Bowl starts around first week of February every year, commercial airtime from previous years was sold out around December or even January. We’ve been hearing companies shifting their marketing budgets from tradition marketing/ advertising to social media, Pepsi made huge buzz last year when they decided to skip Super Bowl ads Read More...