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Top 10 Christmas Ads for 2010

No surprise there are always great ads for the Christmas seasons, I've put together 10 ads that I really enjoyed watching for this Christmas. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2010!


Motorola laughs at Apple’s and Samsung’s tablets

A teaser video demonstrating the “tablet evolution” for the launch of Motorola’s upcoming tablet at the CES 2011. I’m not a hardcore tech person but learning from Youtube comment, “the bee in the end signifies Honeycomb. That’s Android 3.0. THAT is the OS for the Motorola Tablet”. Quite smart leveraging off iPads’ and Galaxy’s buzz. Hat Tip to @Yeelim


The “Putpockets” Campaign

I don’t know if this is morally right, also don’t know how effective this campaign was (as all the books are just randomly put), but it’s fun to look at how promoters try ANY different tactics to push the products out.


Mind Blowing: Red Bull Interactive Projection Art

Red bull has been a very innovative brand in terms of branding campaigns and events. This is a very interesting one projecting visuals on 2 snow ramps and an air balloon in between, designed and set up by Australian based artists ENESS. Also watch the “making of” video below to see how they made it happen! Hat tip to colleague @ismcb


Brilliant: First ever radio ad for dogs

There are always new creative ways to spread brand messages, even on channels that most don’t consider using anymore. Watch the video below and see how they use sound technology to get dogs attention with radio ads. Source: adsoftheworld


Forget about your door keys, just check-in on Foursquare!

Often times when people talk about location based services, there is always a crowd at the corner that goes, “I still don’t get why people would want to check in!” Ask these Brooklyn developers, they recently coded a hack for Foursquare that basically allows user the unlock doors with a Foursquare checkin. They will host a party on New Year’s Eve when anyone can check-in there to open that door Read More...


Creative Digital Execution: The Blow Job

To celebrate 10 years anniversary earlier this year, Belgian men’s magazine Ché launched a creative microsite. To attract men’s magazine target, it’s almost a no brainer that sex is the perfect tool in communications. They had this playful interactive idea, with a microphone, the harder you blow, the higher Ché woman skirt goes! Catchy name as well! Give it a try!