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Members Project by American Express

I really enjoy looking at the big ideas brands try to execute these days, Members Project by American Express is one of them, a campaign that lives on Facebook. Idea of the campaign is to “make a difference”, make very small steps to make this world a better place. Below is the full description of the campaign. Making a Difference is Simple It starts with you and your first step. Read More...


The .gif culture

GIF and animated GIF format has been around forever, it’s one of the earliest formats of animation being spred online. GIF got less and less popular because of the rise of video sharing, when Internet technology got faster and videos from video hosting services can be streamed smoothly. For some reasons, GIF is back! People started to create more GIF animations that are shared on visual focused blog platforms like Read More...


Pepsi uses Coke in ad again

Santa has always been the face of Coca Cola, Pepsi just rolled out a new ad for this summer about Santa being in vacation, positioning Coke as the product that Santa’s bored of, and Pepsi as the wild drink for the summer. Very smart, reminds me of the old ad below.


Ad: Reasons To Believe by Coca-cola

It’s just amazing how far a brand can go for one single message. All through these years, the biggest drinks brand Coca-cola has only been communicating about positiveness and happiness. This is a new clever ad from Brazil that plays around with the contrast between negative and positive facts. Copywriting, music, and video editing were put together to touch people’s hearts. One of my new favourites.