Members Project by American Express

I really enjoy looking at the big ideas brands try to execute these days, Members Project by American Express is one of them, a campaign that lives on Facebook. Idea of the campaign is to “make a difference”, make very small steps to make this world a better place. Below is the full description of the campaign.

Making a Difference is Simple

It starts with you and your first step. Whether it’s one volunteer hour or one dollar, we all have a part to play and something to give. Members Project from American Express, makes taking your first step simple, by providing a platform to express your passion— in small, manageable actions. Everyone can get involved.

Take your first step today by becoming a fan of Members Project on Facebook! Join the discussion, share your stories with others, and rally your friends to your favorite causes. Volunteer your time, donate, or just spread the word. And be sure to check back for new polls, apps, videos and more.

The campaign was completed with quite successful outcome, below is one of the demonstrating video showing the spirit of this campaign, the short film is inspired by the story of 4 girls from Harvard who created a soccer ball that captures energy from kicking, dribbling and throwing. Kids can play a game, then bring the ball home and charge a LED lamp, cell phone or battery.

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    6 months ago

    There are a lot of people who are in need of our help. We should not just pity them because pity itselfu00a0cannotu00a0help anybody.u00a0

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