The .gif culture

GIF and animated GIF format has been around forever, it’s one of the earliest formats of animation being spred online. GIF got less and less popular because of the rise of video sharing, when Internet technology got faster and videos from video hosting services can be streamed smoothly.

For some reasons, GIF is back! People started to create more GIF animations that are shared on visual focused blog platforms like Tumblr. Most of these animated GIF are humorous therefore people are likely to re-share.

Now that we have Google+, a social platform that allows animated GIFs, if this platform becomes mainstream, animated GIF could be a very powerful marketing format. Below is a set of good animated GIFs that I like, showing the process of making beer, although it doesn’t make a huge difference from showing still images, it does give a more lively storytelling, and people are more likely to spread content with good storytelling. There are so much space for companies to leverage on animated GIF for creativity.

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