The trick of talking to people’s emotions

I’ve recently attended a company training about the science of communication, influence, and storytelling, one of the interesting point that’s stuck in my mind is the simple facts about human’s ability in receiving (and remembering) information, so simple and common that many brands have forgotten.

The simple trick to build memorable stories

After this training, I started to pay extra attention to most of the business leaders and marketers, they all share the same skill in communication: they speak to/ into audience’s emotions. Now, this is not rocket science, but it is one of the most powerful ways to make your story become memorable, no matter how rational your audience is.

Simplest way to do it?

It takes so much for brands to convince their targets about their product features and benefits in this low-trust world, building a story that can win audience’s emotion is not easy, here’s the little trick for companies to achieve it – have a true mission.
Brands can not communicate with a top-down approach anymore, instead, they need to “recruit” people (consumers) who have the same belief, the belief or mission that a brand truly believes in. I really like a quote that I heard from a recent client meeting, “we (the brand) don’t sell to our target anymore, we just need to win handshakes”, this quote truly captures the essence of speaking to targets’ emotions.

Below is the latest video I’ve seen that does very well in speaking to people’s emotion. Enjoy and feel free to share any thoughts on this.

Dying to do Letterman — In Theaters Soon with YOUR Help from Joke and Biagio on Vimeo.

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  • Kevin

    6 months ago

    this is so simple man!u00a0n

  • Bret Clement

    5 months ago

    Hi Tim. Know this is older blog, but you bring up some great points – especially about influence and emotion. Easy to talk about – hard to execute effectively. Not sure if I’m reading this right, but the Kickstarter page for the “Dying to Get on Letterman” movie shows only $500+ raised with 10 days left (as of Nov 8)?

  • Tim Ho

    5 months ago

    Hi Bret.
    Thanks for the comment. I think in many industries these days, brands haven’t realized how important it is to change the communication tone of voice and talk directly to people’s emotional side (instead of rational). Just checked their kickstarter page, they’ve completed the funding task and exceeded the target, hit more than USD 57K, quite good job.

  • Bret Clement

    5 months ago

    That’s awesome! Anyway, thanks for post. Good stuff.

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