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Video: Mayan’s Marketing Strategy

I’ve seen great videos produced by boutique agencies last year in 2011, including two of my favorites both by John St.’s Catvertising and Pink Ponies. Buzzman, a French interactive agency just created an amazing piece, a case study styled video highlighting Mayans versus Egyptians as 2 competing brands and their tactics to dominate the market by launching the “end of the world” campaign.

Axe: The Chain

Another brilliant piece by Axe and BBH London, love the chaos and the calm elvis presley as background music. Agency credits: Director: Tom Kuntz Creative Director: Dominic Goldman, David Kolbusz Art Director: Daniel Schaefer, Szymon Rose Copywriter: Daniel Schaefer, Szymon Rose Producer: Suza Horvat Sound: Factory Studios Account Director: Richard Lawson, Keir Mather Agency Producer: Ruben Mercadal Post Production: Framestor Print Producer: Jeremy Gleeson Account Manager: Jennifer Omran