The launch of SALT – The Creative Word of Mouth Agency

Update: SALT has been evolved and expanded and the post below may not be 100% accurate anymore. Learn more about SALT Hong Kong here, or feel free to read this article to get a sense of the original concept of SALT.

I’ve been learning so much through blogging here, it has also been giving me lots of joy hearing from fellow marketers from around the world through this blog. So I would like to update you all on my big career change here.

I have recently resigned from my position at Ogilvy, although I enjoyed working with the extremely creative and talented team there, I have made a huge decision to start my own agency, SALT.

It’s nothing new that bad (or not good enough) products or services can never stay in the market for long, no matter how much marketing budget they are willing to throw in, storytelling and customer engagement are what differentiate good brands from great brands these days. In cooking, salt is one of the key ingredient, but it can’t make bad food taste good. Similar to cooking, I can’t magically make consumers share and talk about a bad product, instead, we are the SALT that turns good brands great by bringing out their brand flavour to their target audience.

SALT focuses on innovating, and making new ideas happen for lifestyle and hospitality brands. We are based in in Hong Kong at the moment, but also have clients in Canada and Mexico. (Here’s a story covered by Marketing Magazine:

I’m very excited about this and I’m hoping to bring something new to the table in the creative industry!


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