How to use QR code effectively

For most countries, there are increasing amount of QR code seen on different marketing channels, most common ones would be on print ad. What’s the true value of having them? And how to make best use of this technology?

The mistake

Being working in the communication industry, I have sadly learned that most clients (brands) have no clue about QR code. Many clients think that it looks innovative to stick this ugly box onto different media without knowing the purpose. I have also tried to scan many of them to test out what they bring me to, most of them just take me to a non-mobile friendly website, some of them are even too small that it doesn’t scan. Many of them clearly don’t even expect people to scan the code!

Make it work!

The true value of having QR code is to extend the offline experience and continuely interest the target for further actions. QR code is best implemented when it provides experience that users can’t get without it. For example, if a print ad is telling how great an apple tastes, the QR code on the ad should make viewers “feel” how good this apple tastes, an experience or promotion which they otherwise can’t feel only through the print ad.
One of the great examples I’ve seen is the QR code “uncensored”, print ad shows an attractive woman which viewers can scan the QR code to see more of her, the brand successful built in a key practical reason of why this QR code exists.

Upcoming trend

New smartphones and other mobile device are very likely to build native QR code scanning capability to the hardware. Apple has announced the Passbook, a native app that scans codes, this is very likely going to make a big change the marketing and how advertisers use QR codes!

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