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The hidden side of Asia

Being in Asia, you see lots of different imageries of this part of the world from all kinds of media. It’s great to see Asia through the eyes from an outsider. French photographer Kares Le Roy went through 56,000 kilometers to explore the “unspoken” parts of Asia, in attempt to give a fresh and unique view through photography and videography. You can buy his photo book here.

Leo Messi lights up in LED for Adidas

Great video content these days comes in many forms, experiment and installation style videos definitely gives consumers unique experiences. This new Adidas video uses technology in an innovative way, creating crazy lighting visuals with the actions of famous footballer Leo Messi.

The sound of Honda installation

A tribute to Brazilian racing driver Ayrton Senna during the Grand Prix of Japan in 1989, the latest commercial for Honda tries to recreate the sound of the scene with the set up of speakers and lights. You can learn more about this project here.

Video: Mayan’s Marketing Strategy

I’ve seen great videos produced by boutique agencies last year in 2011, including two of my favorites both by John St.’s Catvertising and Pink Ponies. Buzzman, a French interactive agency just created an amazing piece, a case study styled video highlighting Mayans versus Egyptians as 2 competing brands and their tactics to dominate the market by launching the “end of the world” campaign.