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The Partnerships of Football and Online Gaming

Can Football Clubs and Online Bingo Partnerships Be Really Mutual? Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment, the largest publicly traded online gaming firm, has been very busy partnering with top European football clubs. Its new partnership announced this August is with French Ligue 1’s Olympique de Marseille. The French football club will have a three-year partnership deal between the poker, bingo, and casino gaming conglomerate. “Under the terms of the deal, Bwin becomes Read More...


The launch of SALT – The Creative Word of Mouth Agency

Update: SALT has been evolved and expanded and the post below may not be 100% accurate anymore. Learn more about SALT Hong Kong here, or feel free to read this article to get a sense of the original concept of SALT. I’ve been learning so much through blogging here, it has also been giving me lots of joy hearing from fellow marketers from around the world through this blog. So Read More...


315 tips to improve Productivity & Creativity

This is an extremely useful list found through one of my friend Angela Kan’s Facebook note, would love to keep this as reference to check back from time to time, and of course sharing it to everyone who might also find it useful. Great hacks from Merlin Mann of 43 Folders Talk to a monkey. Explain what you’re really trying to say to a stuffed animal. Do something important that’s very Read More...


Graph: Traditional VS Social Marketing Funnel

Remember the marketing textbook from University? There were all these marketing principles, rules, and graphs, marketing funnel must be one of them.  I don’t think we need further explanation on the tradtional marketing funnel with Awareness, Consideration, Preference, Action, and Loyalty. This graph by Forrester explains the new marketing landscape, most of us rely hugely on recommendations before purchase. With the help of social media and other communication platform, recommendations, Read More...


The power of Google Moderator

Google has developed tons of services and some of them are very valuable but not as widely used, Google Moderator is one of them. It is a very straight forward, easy-to-use service that allows a group of people to brainstorm, share ideas, questions, and opinions. Google Moderator is more powerful than Google form in many cases because it allows participants to vote on other people’s ideas/ questions. Barack Obama’s transition Read More...


Photos: Tweetup with Brian Giesen and Tom Smith

[nggallery id=4] Thanks everyone for attending the Tweetup from last Tuesday (March 2nd), also hope our 3 guests Brian Giesen, Tom Smith and Jenny Armshaw-Heak had fun. More than 20 people joined the tweetup and I’m glad most of us had a chance to meet each others. Would also like to thank the venue sponsor RED SoHo and @GeoffTwitchen for arranging the “Tweetup Corner” for us!


Event: Tweetup with Brian Giesen and Tom Smith

I will be hosting my 2nd tweetup of 2010 on March 2nd. This tweetup is going to be a little different from the previous ones, we will have 2 special guests (actually 3) this time. Brian Giesen @bdgiesen is my colleague in Ogilvy who’s based in Sydney Australia,  he’s is an award-winning, founding member of Ogilvy’s 360 Degree Digital Influence group and passionate word of mouth marketing practitioner. Brian is extremely Read More...

PublicRelations_report Card 2009TN2

Ogilvy PR ranked top on Media PR Report Card 2009

The annual Public Relations report card by Media magazine was out yesterday. Ogilvy Public Relations ranked 9 (10 highest) with an “Outstanding”. The team that I’m in, 360 Digital Influence, which is under Ogilvy Public Relations practice is also highlighted on the report. It looked outside the PR world to hire former journalist and blogger Thomas Crampton to head up social media as director of 360 digital influence. The digital Read More...

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Top 10 Apps I can’t live without (and how I use them)

These are some of the great apps that have “changed my life”, hope you find it useful. Apologize to PC users, you should perhaps consider getting a mac to make your life easier. Evernote I use Evernote mainly for Blogging, collecting ideas, and work connections. Blogger: Since my work is very relevant to my passion, it often gives me ideas on what I should write on this blog. With Evernote, Read More...

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Photos: The Last Tweetup 2009 – Hong Kong

Thanks for attending the Last Tweetup of 2009! As promised, here are the pictures taken from The Last Tweetup of 2009 in Hong Kong by @bethebutterfly, @spikehk and myself. We had a great night and let's meet again in 2010 for the "First Tweetup in 2010"? Also if anyone has more pictures from that night that you would like to share on here, please let me know.