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Video: Mayan’s Marketing Strategy

I’ve seen great videos produced by boutique agencies last year in 2011, including two of my favorites both by John St.’s Catvertising and Pink Ponies. Buzzman, a French interactive agency just created an amazing piece, a case study styled video highlighting Mayans versus Egyptians as 2 competing brands and their tactics to dominate the market by launching the “end of the world” campaign.


The power of Youtube page: Le Club Perrier

Youtube is often seen as a channel for hosting videos, and what clients like to call – “viral videos”. Most brands, however, have underestimated the power of putting creativity to branded Youtube channel. Perrier’s new campaign is a perfect example of a great use of Youtube channel. Perrier has been positioning themselves as sexy, edgy, playful, and fun. After the interactive Dita von Teese Perrier mansion campaign they built last Read More...


Forget about your door keys, just check-in on Foursquare!

Often times when people talk about location based services, there is always a crowd at the corner that goes, “I still don’t get why people would want to check in!” Ask these Brooklyn developers, they recently coded a hack for Foursquare that basically allows user the unlock doors with a Foursquare checkin. They will host a party on New Year’s Eve when anyone can check-in there to open that door Read More...


How to create viral videos?

Working in an agency, and being in the leading social media team in Asia Pacific, there are a few common questions that I always get. “How to make my video viral” is one of the most popular ones that comes up all the time, clients even tried to pay us for a “formula” to make things viral. I’m about to give you the answer, for free, which might not answer Read More...

Super Bowl Ads Preview

Advertising is “back” – Is social media not working?

Fox Sports just announced that all their commercial spots for Super Bowl next year are all sold out. Super Bowl starts around first week of February every year, commercial airtime from previous years was sold out around December or even January. We’ve been hearing companies shifting their marketing budgets from tradition marketing/ advertising to social media, Pepsi made huge buzz last year when they decided to skip Super Bowl ads Read More...


How the Internet and Social Media are similar to movie Inception

I wasn’t too impressed by the movie Inception, maybe I set the expectation too high because of all the great buzz online and offline. This movie, however, reminded me about how social networks are structured these days. Many people said that the Internet is like their second life, they can’t live without it and it’s nothing eventful for them to be on it. What social networking sites do are actually Read More...


Why luxury brands are forced to engage on Chinese social media (even when they don’t make money)

Many of us are aware of how fast the luxury market has been growing in China, it is currently the second largest market in the world for luxury goods. China is also a country with most internet users, so it’s pretty obvious that luxury brands should start targeting netizens and let Internet plays huge role in their marketing strategies, but they all face the same problem; Chinese people still don’t Read More...


Free Tool: Global Web Index Lite

GlobalWebIndex has recently launched a free tool that allows users to quickly get a snapshot of their data on social media insights, this free tool was built based around the data they have gathered from Wave 2 database from January 2010. The latest data, Wave 3 from July 2009 is only available for GlobalWebIndex clients. This tool comes very handy when you are looking to create quick slides with valuable Read More...

DI tweetup

The DI Tweetup 2010

Why Tweetup? Some of you might have seen tweets about the Ogilvy’s APAC Digital Influence Summit lately. Ogilvy’s DI Summit is an internal event held by the Asia Pacific Regional team where all the digital experts from around the region will be attending a 3-day event in Hong Kong to exchange digital knowledge, connect and bond with other team Although the event is not open for public, we would like Read More...


Graph: Traditional VS Social Marketing Funnel

Remember the marketing textbook from University? There were all these marketing principles, rules, and graphs, marketing funnel must be one of them.  I don’t think we need further explanation on the tradtional marketing funnel with Awareness, Consideration, Preference, Action, and Loyalty. This graph by Forrester explains the new marketing landscape, most of us rely hugely on recommendations before purchase. With the help of social media and other communication platform, recommendations, Read More...