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Hot Wheels Optical Illusion campaign

Toy companies’ marketing is always interesting to look into, should children be the target audience or should parents be? Giving imaginations is one of the core element when marketing toys, Ogilvy and Mather Bogota has recently created an optical illusion campaign for Hot Wheels to get attention from parents and children on highway in Colombia. Simple and clever!


Video: Lurpak-The Hungry One

Lurpak launched this branded campaign “The Hungry One” with this perfect ad, I just love every shot and sound of this piece. You can learn more about this campaign on their Facebook and Twitter page!


Video: The most amazing beat box ad ever

Very impressive beat box skill. Created by DDB France, the video for Urban Music Channel Trace tries make a viral effect, however, it’s always hard to get the balance between branded content, most people won’t even know get the short brand message at the end.


Canon Digital Campaign: Your Second Shot

It’s not easy to turn a small product feature into emotion stories. Canon’s new online advertising campaign is doing a good job at that. This campaign’s concept is “an ongoing project to help recreate and recapture moments”, with Canon technology ofcourse. Nothing very exciting or new, but the idea behind it and the execution is quite impressive. Check it out!

Super Bowl Ads Preview

Advertising is “back” – Is social media not working?

Fox Sports just announced that all their commercial spots for Super Bowl next year are all sold out. Super Bowl starts around first week of February every year, commercial airtime from previous years was sold out around December or even January. We’ve been hearing companies shifting their marketing budgets from tradition marketing/ advertising to social media, Pepsi made huge buzz last year when they decided to skip Super Bowl ads Read More...


What I learned from the University Students

University is always a fun place to be, I went to Hong Kong Polytechnic University to give a presentation on how Social Media is changing the advertising industry last Friday. As I told the students, I was THE bad boy when I was in University. Never liked to be in class, drank at the bar during “5-minute breaks”, and of course, never paid attention to guest speakers. These students are very Read More...


Great Ad Parody: Specsavers ‘The Specs Effect’

Parody in advertising can gain more attention than the original piece if it’s done well. This piece definitely went viral. Specsavers, an online glasses shop created this great viral piece that mocks an older advertisement by AXE. AXE has always been selling sex appeal in their ads, Specsavers’ ad is clever enough to take advantage of all the buzz AXE has. The original Ad by AXE And here’s the Specsavers’ Read More...


Toyota recalls? Garage door company laughs

Dansk Port Teknik (DPT), garage door company recently worked with agency JWT Copenhagen this creative advertisement that really takes the most out of Toyota’s recall. This ad promotes 20% off on all garage doors, for Toyota owners only along with the broken garage door. Marketing/ advertising industry is often cruel. It’s been only a week, Toyota loses more than $20 billion in market share and recalls couple million cars, companies Read More...