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If Steve Jobs is coming for lunch, what would you make?

This is a viral piece was posted on the same day as the iPad released. Jakob Hammarback and Jon Wingard created the iSandwhitch 4G as an experiment to see if it can go viral. It is a video showing how they use different ingredients all put together on a piece of bread to create the same shape of the iPhone. On their blog, they said the video got them 4403 visits on Read More...

Audi, BMW Billboard War

From the popular Apple advertising campaigns “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC“, Microsoft responded with Bill Gates I’m a PC, and “Laptop Hunters” campaigns. More recently, when Audi announced “Your move, BMW.” on a Billboard on Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles, local BMW dealership actually responded by having a billboard just across the street with “Checkmate”. One, nothing! I’m looking foward to seeing Audi making another “Move”.

Blackberry Storm Viral Piece?

Just found this interesting video from my sister Shiren. Wondering if it’s a viral campaign by Blackberry or just an individual work. The video is really smart, but read the comments and you will know how loyal Apple iphone Customers are. And apparently, she sent me this one too, which was uploaded less than a month after the previous one.