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Social Media for Executives by Tim Ho

Ebook: Social Media Basics for Executives

Happy new year everyone, this is my first blog post in 2010 and I would like to start off this year with this ebook I just completed. 2010 is going to be the year of social media, I hope "Social Media Basics for Executives" will help organizations make the right decisions in social media. Don't forget to share it with others if you like it!

Why everyone should ignore SEO now

Many new business owners ask me what to do with their new brands, they ask me if they should invest in search engine optimization for their websites so that their new sites can be more “visible” on the online world. Here’s the sad news for them, SEO doesn’t mean anything at all, SEO shouldn’t be a noun, and it shouldn’t show up on people’s name card as a job title. Read More...

Marketers, do you watch “Kitchen Nightmares”?

Gordin Ramsey is not only a British celebrity chef, but also a smart marketer. I watched a few episodes of the Kitchen Nightmares and it reminded me of the basic marketing concepts that I had almost forgotten. Kitchen Nightmares is a TV programme where Gordin goes around the world and improves failing restuarant businesses. I personally find it very interesting because cooking and marketing are my interests and this show Read More...

Twitter ID on Individual Business Card

I’m sure all of us know how powerful individual business cards are. The moment you give out one, it means that you’ve gained a potential business connection. People who are looking for intelligence do not only look at education and experience anymore. As there are more competitors in the field who have similar qualification, how can you stand out? You show them your personality before they get to know you! Read More...