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Coca Cola face recognition machine integrates with Facebook

This is another great social/ offline integration by Coca Cola Israel. This machine allows users to login to the Coca Cola app in real life using the face recognition feature, a very clever way to extend the offline experience to users’ friends and family through Facebook. Also look at the previous campaign Coca Cola village.


Ad: Reasons To Believe by Coca-cola

It’s just amazing how far a brand can go for one single message. All through these years, the biggest drinks brand Coca-cola has only been communicating about positiveness and happiness. This is a new clever ad from Brazil that plays around with the contrast between negative and positive facts. Copywriting, music, and video editing were put together to touch people’s hearts. One of my new favourites.

Screen shot 2011-02-24 at 10.55.54 AM

Coca-Cola Happiness Store

Coca-cola has been using similar way to create these “happiness” videos by capturing how people react when the surprises happen. This is the latest one they’ve done in a store in Brazil.

Coke Zero Targeting Men

New Coke Zero online campaign targeting men

After the coke vanilla mistake, they should be have learned what they’d done wrong. Coke zero is marketed as a “sugar free” coke, and “Zero calories” coke in North America. It is smart to have this variation to suit the trend of “fitness” and “healthiness”. Sex sells! Coke created this male-targeted campaign to attract more male consumers for this healthy branded coke, this digital campaign is basically telling people that Read More...