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IBM factbook

Data Visualization: IBM World Factbook Dashboard

If you like data visualization, you probably don’t want to miss this one. I just discovered this interactive dashboard IBM has developed earlier this year. Google has put together a visualization tool with the same sets of data by World Bank, but World Factbook Dashboard presents the data in a way more stylish and advanced way. Great tool to be bookmarked for future country research as it can give you Read More...


Data Visualization Tool: Mondrian

I just found this amazing free tool that can do some smart data visualization with the simplest sets of data comparing to other visualization tools. You can just import basic excel files or even txt files with huge chunk of data and it will categorize and visualize them. Graphics and interface might not be as sexy as what you see on informationisbeautiful, but it can definitely help you understand the relationships Read More...


Data Visualization: China Censored Websites

David McCandles from InformationIsBeautiful has always been one of my favourite people to watch in data visualization. Below is a beautiful piece he put together recently showing the censored websites (grey) and keywords (red) with the shape of China. All the data is based on the information from Wikipedia.

South Korea - Highest percentage of Internet Users

Latest: S. Korea still has the highest percentage of Internet users

Google just announced that 17 World Development Indicators can now be searched in Google search. Therefore you will see this in Google search result if you look for Internet users of a country: I’ve always been paying attention to World Bank as they have good amount of high quality data visualization and very useful data. With Google’s power, I pulled up the graph above in no time using Google’s visualization Read More...