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DI tweetup

The DI Tweetup 2010

Why Tweetup? Some of you might have seen tweets about the Ogilvy’s APAC Digital Influence Summit lately. Ogilvy’s DI Summit is an internal event held by the Asia Pacific Regional team where all the digital experts from around the region will be attending a 3-day event in Hong Kong to exchange digital knowledge, connect and bond with other team Although the event is not open for public, we would like Read More...


What I learned from the University Students

University is always a fun place to be, I went to Hong Kong Polytechnic University to give a presentation on how Social Media is changing the advertising industry last Friday. As I told the students, I was THE bad boy when I was in University. Never liked to be in class, drank at the bar during “5-minute breaks”, and of course, never paid attention to guest speakers. These students are very Read More...


Photos: Tweetup with Brian Giesen and Tom Smith

[nggallery id=4] Thanks everyone for attending the Tweetup from last Tuesday (March 2nd), also hope our 3 guests Brian Giesen, Tom Smith and Jenny Armshaw-Heak had fun. More than 20 people joined the tweetup and I’m glad most of us had a chance to meet each others. Would also like to thank the venue sponsor RED SoHo and @GeoffTwitchen for arranging the “Tweetup Corner” for us!

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Interview: Kevin She – Founder and CEO of SC Storage

I was lucky enough to have the chance to interview the CEO and founder of the SC Storage (時昌迷你倉), Kevin She. SC storage was founded in 2001, the first storage company in Hong Kong, it is also one of a few Hong Kong successful cases using social media. Kevin is passionate about social media himself, he doesn’t use social media as a channel to generate sales, instead, he chose to Read More...

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Photos: The Last Tweetup 2009 – Hong Kong

Thanks for attending the Last Tweetup of 2009! As promised, here are the pictures taken from The Last Tweetup of 2009 in Hong Kong by @bethebutterfly, @spikehk and myself. We had a great night and let's meet again in 2010 for the "First Tweetup in 2010"? Also if anyone has more pictures from that night that you would like to share on here, please let me know.

Last Tweetup

The Last Tweetup – 2009

It's been a good year, here's an invitation to all for The last tweetup in 2009, let's all drink, meet the people behind the avatars, and celebrate! @dda and I have also been talking about having "dirty noodles" (Hong Kong local noodles) in Wanchai before the tweetup and a few people showed interest in joinging, feel free to contact me for more info.

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HK: Local Social Media Success – Ease House Cafe

Most of the social media projects I deal with at Ogilvy are for global brands, it’s interesting to learn from local successful cases like this one. It’s a cafe in Mong Kok with a wide range of comic book collections called Ease House Cafe, where they target mainly to young comic lovers. As a small cafe located on the 25th floor of a building, 21 year-old owner realized it would Read More...

Hong Kong: More female than male use Internet in 2009?

It’s not a surprise that Internet usage grows in Hong Kong over time, what’s interesting is that according to a study by HK Internet Project, the number of male Internet users dropped by 2% from 2007-2008. In 2008, Hong Kong has slightly more female than male with sex ratio of 0.96male/female. And in 2009, estimated sex ratio will be 0.94male/female. As the growth of social media, Internet is no longer Read More...

David Ogilvy Day in Hong Kong

After the Dobblr lunch from Island Shangri-La Hotel, I had to quickly rush back home, get casual, and went back to Ogilvy office where they had buses there picking everyone up and took everyone to the venue which was at Gold Coast Hotel Hong Kong. It was a fun evening that gathered almost everyone from the office to relax and have fun while celebrating for David Ogilvy’s birthday on 23th Read More...