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The power of Youtube page: Le Club Perrier

Youtube is often seen as a channel for hosting videos, and what clients like to call – “viral videos”. Most brands, however, have underestimated the power of putting creativity to branded Youtube channel. Perrier’s new campaign is a perfect example of a great use of Youtube channel. Perrier has been positioning themselves as sexy, edgy, playful, and fun. After the interactive Dita von Teese Perrier mansion campaign they built last Read More...

DI tweetup

The DI Tweetup 2010

Why Tweetup? Some of you might have seen tweets about the Ogilvy’s APAC Digital Influence Summit lately. Ogilvy’s DI Summit is an internal event held by the Asia Pacific Regional team where all the digital experts from around the region will be attending a 3-day event in Hong Kong to exchange digital knowledge, connect and bond with other team Although the event is not open for public, we would like Read More...


What I learned from the University Students

University is always a fun place to be, I went to Hong Kong Polytechnic University to give a presentation on how Social Media is changing the advertising industry last Friday. As I told the students, I was THE bad boy when I was in University. Never liked to be in class, drank at the bar during “5-minute breaks”, and of course, never paid attention to guest speakers. These students are very Read More...

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Ogilvy PR ranked top on Media PR Report Card 2009

The annual Public Relations report card by Media magazine was out yesterday. Ogilvy Public Relations ranked 9 (10 highest) with an “Outstanding”. The team that I’m in, 360 Digital Influence, which is under Ogilvy Public Relations practice is also highlighted on the report. It looked outside the PR world to hire former journalist and blogger Thomas Crampton to head up social media as director of 360 digital influence. The digital Read More...

We are on WSJ Today!

We are on Wall Street Journal Today!

Our full page colour ad is on page 30 of Wall Street Journal Asia today! My teammates and I are very excited about it. We are hosting the third webinar in our “Executive Guide to Social Media” series. We will have John Bell, Global Managing Director for Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence and Jamie Moeller to talk about Social Media for Crisis Management. Registration is now open to the public! Please Read More...

“Passion” will beat Education in the future job market

Since we were young, most of us have been told that education/ knowledge was everything. Although many people still think that education is the key to success, I do think there’s something which is way more important than education, and it is passion. I will show you why I think employers in the future will focus on job seekers’ enthusiasm rather than their education background.