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No, you can’t (always) trust customers!

Businesses are supposed to be built around, or even within consumers these days, that’s why research is becoming more and more important when it comes to any kinds of business development, but should companies trust their customers? Polls, surveys, and focus groups are what most companies use for consumer insights, I don’t doubt the accuracy of the surveys and I know companies and agencies are getting very good at conducting Read More...


Young Teens love social networking, hate Twitter

It’s not surprising that social networking sites are becoming more and more important for most Internet users. Most of the teens these days own a Facebook profile, for both networking and playing online games. Teens are extremely active on Social Media From a recent research conducted by Pew Internet, 63% of teens in America go online every day, and 73% of these teens are on social networking websites, a huge growth Read More...

iPhone Asia

Asians are the true fans of iPhone

Apple iPhone was designed in the US, started in the US, and most of the great features and apps are based around the US. But apparently people in Asia love iPhone more than any other countries. Source: Google Trends Insight For a digital product like iPhone, it makes sense to approximately calculate popularity of the product by search volume, the crowds that are interested in purchasing iPhones are always the Read More...