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Axe: The Chain

Another brilliant piece by Axe and BBH London, love the chaos and the calm elvis presley as background music. Agency credits: Director: Tom Kuntz Creative Director: Dominic Goldman, David Kolbusz Art Director: Daniel Schaefer, Szymon Rose Copywriter: Daniel Schaefer, Szymon Rose Producer: Suza Horvat Sound: Factory Studios Account Director: Richard Lawson, Keir Mather Agency Producer: Ruben Mercadal Post Production: Framestor Print Producer: Jeremy Gleeson Account Manager: Jennifer Omran


New Campaign: Sexy ladies choir shares brand message

Sex always sells. I’ve seen tons of ads and other marketing tactics that use sex as a major tool to drive views, but this new campaign by La Senza is “sexily creative” and has the potential to go viral. It is a dead simple mechanism in terms of sharing and microsite development, it’s a piano formed by sexy models in La Senza lingerie. Users can play this piano with keyword, Read More...


Great Ad Parody: Specsavers ‘The Specs Effect’

Parody in advertising can gain more attention than the original piece if it’s done well. This piece definitely went viral. Specsavers, an online glasses shop created this great viral piece that mocks an older advertisement by AXE. AXE has always been selling sex appeal in their ads, Specsavers’ ad is clever enough to take advantage of all the buzz AXE has. The original Ad by AXE And here’s the Specsavers’ Read More...

Hong Kong: More female than male use Internet in 2009?

It’s not a surprise that Internet usage grows in Hong Kong over time, what’s interesting is that according to a study by HK Internet Project, the number of male Internet users dropped by 2% from 2007-2008. In 2008, Hong Kong has slightly more female than male with sex ratio of 0.96male/female. And in 2009, estimated sex ratio will be 0.94male/female. As the growth of social media, Internet is no longer Read More...