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How to use QR code effectively

For most countries, there are increasing amount of QR code seen on different marketing channels, most common ones would be on print ad. What’s the true value of having them? And how to make best use of this technology? The mistake Being working in the communication industry, I have sadly learned that most clients (brands) have no clue about QR code. Many clients think that it looks innovative to stick Read More...


Meaningful TVC: Disconnect to Connect

Internet doesn’t make people stupid, people, make people stupid. It’s very common to see couples going out for dinner these days with them both on their own phones for the whole meal. This is terrible! Technology is an amazing tool that helps human being learn shortcuts for many solutions, but these shortcuts can never be applied without experience, and experience comes through dynamic environment or channels, not just from a Read More...


Laser Murals in London

There are tons of new ways in communications these days, this is the first time I see drawing with lazer technology developed by Will any brand use this in the close future?

rambler2 (1)

Rambler: The Sneakers that Tweet

Rambler is the only pair of shoes in the world that owns a Twitter account, designed and created by artist and technology savvy Ricardo Nascimento. These’s a sensor inside the sneakers that tracks movements, then updates it’s Twitter. However, it can only tweet two words, “tap” and “.”, depending on the pressure you exert. It’s quite creative but not practical at all at this stage, would be interesting to see Read More...

Social Media Killing Electronics Sales Rep Jobs?

Do you still remember those times when you saw interesting advertisement on TV about this new “discman”, which made you wanted to run to the electronic store immediately and learn everything about it? Yes, that was the time when sales reps were on high demand. Consumer electronics sales rep jobs are slowly declining because of the rise of social media.

On my way to Hong Kong

I am on my way to Hong Kong from Vancouver BC. Currently 32000 feet high, on 551 mph ground speed, with -54.4 F outside air temperature, and 12 hours to go till it arrives. I just took newspapers from the flight attendant, which reminded me of the latest prediction that says that all/ most traditional newspapers will be substituted by online news websites/ blogs in 2012. I am quite sure Read More...