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What I learned from the University Students

University is always a fun place to be, I went to Hong Kong Polytechnic University to give a presentation on how Social Media is changing the advertising industry last Friday. As I told the students, I was THE bad boy when I was in University. Never liked to be in class, drank at the bar during “5-minute breaks”, and of course, never paid attention to guest speakers. These students are very Read More...

If content is King, visualization is Queen

When there were less competitors in every industry, consumers purchase only for the functions and usability of products. Companies then realized they had to differentiate themselves when more and more competitors came up and shared their profits in the industry. Similar thing is happening in social media. As the graph above shows, the importance of branding and packaging grew since production era. Many companies these days set prices higher than Read More...

Ogilvy + Dopplr Lunch with Marko Ahtisaari

I’m glad to have a chance to be at the lunch with Marko Ahtisaari (CEO, Dopplr), Stephen J Marcopoto (President, Turner International Asia Pacific), Yew Ming Lau (Senior VP, Turner International Asia Pacific), and of course, Thomas Crampton, Jean-Francois Amadei, Sean Rach, Adam O’Conor from Ogilvy and other great people from Shangri-La and CNN. Took away some interesting insights from the lunch!

“A Coffee” with Michael Anti

There was a huge discussion 2 weeks ago on China blocking Twitter and other social networks for June 4th Tienanmen Anniversary 2009. I don’t think we need further analysis and opinion on that issue, but today, Thomas Crampton, Jean-François Amadei and I were lucky enough to meet Chinese journalist and political blogger, Michael Anti (Chinese: 赵静 or 安替), who gave me a new angle on the social media environment in Read More...

“Passion” will beat Education in the future job market

Since we were young, most of us have been told that education/ knowledge was everything. Although many people still think that education is the key to success, I do think there’s something which is way more important than education, and it is passion. I will show you why I think employers in the future will focus on job seekers’ enthusiasm rather than their education background.