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Granny Tweets Fax

87 Year-old Granny Tweets with the Fax Machine

Tweeting from a computer is just the same as tweeting with a mobile, the iPad, or the fax machine. Some marketers these days think way too much about social media as a new shiny solution and forget about the core idea/ concept of it, which is the same as how we speak to friends everyday. It’s all about basic communications.


Twitter Guide for Stupid: How to gain followers

Since the day anyone hears about Twitter for the first time, they would sure at some point think about how to gain more followers. Well, it is normal to think this way, but it’s time to stop. People write all kinds of articles about growing Twitter followers, authors sell books about it, companies switch online tactics only to increase Twitter followers, and see the number of followers as one of Read More...

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Domino’s: The Pizza Turnaround

Around Christmas time 2009, Domino’s pizza launched this smart social campaign called The Pizza Turnaround. The main idea of the campaign is to gather feedback of the taste of their pizza through social media, and they would create new pizza recipe with the comments. Commenting on public network like Twitter would create word of mouse effect, it’s a win-win solution to generate buzz, as well as creating value for customers. Read More...


Young Teens love social networking, hate Twitter

It’s not surprising that social networking sites are becoming more and more important for most Internet users. Most of the teens these days own a Facebook profile, for both networking and playing online games. Teens are extremely active on Social Media From a recent research conducted by Pew Internet, 63% of teens in America go online every day, and 73% of these teens are on social networking websites, a huge growth Read More...

rambler2 (1)

Rambler: The Sneakers that Tweet

Rambler is the only pair of shoes in the world that owns a Twitter account, designed and created by artist and technology savvy Ricardo Nascimento. These’s a sensor inside the sneakers that tracks movements, then updates it’s Twitter. However, it can only tweet two words, “tap” and “.”, depending on the pressure you exert. It’s quite creative but not practical at all at this stage, would be interesting to see Read More...

Don't Follow!

10 Signs That Say “Don’t Follow!” on Twitter

I’m not the “You follow me, I follow you” type of Twitterer, no one should be! However, I do look at every follower’s profile, I don’t follow everyone because I have to keep up the engagement, although there are lists these days, why would I want my home feed to have 100s of new tweets every time it refreshes? Unless they are extremely interesting/ useful (such as @jesus, @mashable), I Read More...

Twitter Winner

Twitter: Winner in “Instant Messaging”

Although I don’t count Twitter as an Instant Messaging service, it’s interesting to see this statistic published by Palo Alto Network few days ago. In the report, they put Twitter together with other popular IMer like msn, facebook chat, google chat and meebo. Surprisingly, they all went up since Spring this year, and even more surprising is that Twitter beats others as an “Instant Messaging” application. Guys, did we tweet Read More...

Newbie's lesson

Lesson from Newbie: Don’t show face on Twitter Avatar!

From some of my previously postings about Twitter avatar like “How to be an Eye-Magnet on Twitter“, I suggested Twitter users to “always” use their faces as avatar images. I still think the same on that, because using a picture of you can give your followers a personal but virtual “human-to-human” communication, which means warmer engagement. But I heard some interesting theories today from a friend; Ashleigh Flower, who’s a Read More...

Social Media Mentions of Movies predict Revenue

As I mentioned on my other post “Movie Industry should love Twitter“, Twitter is a great tool for movie makers to spread the awareness about their new movies. On my recent studies, I found out something interesting. I’ve run a search with my listening tool to see the number of mentions of 3 recent movies (Harry Potter 6, The Hangover, and Transformers) on social media in the past 30 days. Read More...