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Eye candy: Future Proof

From their Vimeo post: The DMC Initiative (DMCI) developed this piece as a response to the 2011 A/NZ PromaxBDA Conference title of Future Proof. Our approach was to focus not on futuristic notions but to consider that which is timeless. People, the expression of self and the interactions between each other are timeless qualities relevant to creativity, no matter what the future holds. The concept started quite fluidly, by briefing Read More...

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Coca-Cola Happiness Store

Coca-cola has been using similar way to create these “happiness” videos by capturing how people react when the surprises happen. This is the latest one they’ve done in a store in Brazil.


Video: Lurpak-The Hungry One

Lurpak launched this branded campaign “The Hungry One” with this perfect ad, I just love every shot and sound of this piece. You can learn more about this campaign on their Facebook and Twitter page!


Video: The most amazing beat box ad ever

Very impressive beat box skill. Created by DDB France, the video for Urban Music Channel Trace tries make a viral effect, however, it’s always hard to get the balance between branded content, most people won’t even know get the short brand message at the end.


The Power of “the struggle” in marketing (Video)

I really enjoyed watching this video, sometimes it’s difficult to realize something too obvious, something that happens to you everyday. I have to admit, although I’m truly happy about others’ positive experiences, sometimes it’s just a better story when people struggle. The experience of the miners in Chile is now turning into a movie, one of the best films of all times (in my opinion) Cast Away is just about Read More...


Huggie’s Cool new ad: Soirée

Amazing idea created for Huggies’ Little Movers Diapers, don’t you just love the visual effects and the details around it? Below are the detail information about this piece. Agency: JWT, New York Executive Creative Director: Walt Connelly Creative Director: Richie Glickman Art Director: David Suarez Copywriter: Daniel Gonzalez Head of Art: Aaron Padin Title Animation: Chadwick Whitehead Director of Integrated Production: Clair Grupp Director of Brand Production: Joe Calabrese Senior Read More...


How to create viral videos?

Working in an agency, and being in the leading social media team in Asia Pacific, there are a few common questions that I always get. “How to make my video viral” is one of the most popular ones that comes up all the time, clients even tried to pay us for a “formula” to make things viral. I’m about to give you the answer, for free, which might not answer Read More...


Great Ad Parody: Specsavers ‘The Specs Effect’

Parody in advertising can gain more attention than the original piece if it’s done well. This piece definitely went viral. Specsavers, an online glasses shop created this great viral piece that mocks an older advertisement by AXE. AXE has always been selling sex appeal in their ads, Specsavers’ ad is clever enough to take advantage of all the buzz AXE has. The original Ad by AXE And here’s the Specsavers’ Read More...

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If Steve Jobs is coming for lunch, what would you make?

This is a viral piece was posted on the same day as the iPad released. Jakob Hammarback and Jon Wingard created the iSandwhitch 4G as an experiment to see if it can go viral. It is a video showing how they use different ingredients all put together on a piece of bread to create the same shape of the iPhone. On their blog, they said the video got them 4403 visits on Read More...