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Video: Mayan’s Marketing Strategy

I’ve seen great videos produced by boutique agencies last year in 2011, including two of my favorites both by John St.’s Catvertising and Pink Ponies. Buzzman, a French interactive agency just created an amazing piece, a case study styled video highlighting Mayans versus Egyptians as 2 competing brands and their tactics to dominate the market by launching the “end of the world” campaign.


Air New Zealand created viral video with Rico & Snoop Dogg

Air New Zealand is one of my favorite airlines in Asia-Pacific for their marketing strategy in these few years. They’ve introduced brand icon Rico and they’ve been very active on new media to engage and interact with their community. They recently made a new video featuring Rico and Snoop Dogg, published around 3 days ago and have got more than 200K views on Youtube.


How to create viral videos?

Working in an agency, and being in the leading social media team in Asia Pacific, there are a few common questions that I always get. “How to make my video viral” is one of the most popular ones that comes up all the time, clients even tried to pay us for a “formula” to make things viral. I’m about to give you the answer, for free, which might not answer Read More...


Pop Music and Cuban Music of Social Media

I’m often very sad about the music culture these days, when songs are all produced for profit and how they make people love their music with all the lifestyle marketing tactics. Cuban music (or any other non-mainstream music) on the other hand don’t do that, they aren’t desperate for attention, they aren’t playing music for money, they just love music and believe in it. PR/ Social Media Agencies that produce Read More...


Great Ad Parody: Specsavers ‘The Specs Effect’

Parody in advertising can gain more attention than the original piece if it’s done well. This piece definitely went viral. Specsavers, an online glasses shop created this great viral piece that mocks an older advertisement by AXE. AXE has always been selling sex appeal in their ads, Specsavers’ ad is clever enough to take advantage of all the buzz AXE has. The original Ad by AXE And here’s the Specsavers’ Read More...

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New Toy: Codeorgan – Generate music with your website

This a a creative online app I discovered that generates music from any URL. All you have to do is to type in a URL, the program will then analyze the html script in the <body> content and generate a unique piece of music for this URL. User can share this piece of music through Twitter or Facebook. It is a thought leadership project by a UK digital creative agency Read More...

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If Steve Jobs is coming for lunch, what would you make?

This is a viral piece was posted on the same day as the iPad released. Jakob Hammarback and Jon Wingard created the iSandwhitch 4G as an experiment to see if it can go viral. It is a video showing how they use different ingredients all put together on a piece of bread to create the same shape of the iPhone. On their blog, they said the video got them 4403 visits on Read More...


Viral Campaign: A movie about YOU

There have been many viral websites lately that requires users to upload images of themselves, most of these websites have face detection script on it which allows them to add funny and special effect to the faces. This one is a little bit different, instead of adding effects to images, this creates a movie about you. It is campaign by Sweden’s TV licensing body Radiotjänst. The film quality is very Read More...

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Funny Viral Video: The Social Media Guru

The real “Social Media Gurus” don’t really speak like this, but very similar. Reconsider when someone just come up and tell you how they can create you or your company a social media strategy just because they have so many followers on Twitter and how great and popular they are on social media. This video is going viral now, thanks @thomascrampton for sending it!

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Viral Video: The fxck you iPhone by Google

I actually laughed out loud on this one. Very funny concept and the actors are great! It is a spoof viral video created by Lineline TV and posted on January 5 (Day of Google announcing Nexus One, it’s trending on Youtube right now with about 200 thousand views and 1077 good ratings. Below are some of the features of the “Fxck you iPhone”: - Texts Asses to iPhone users - Read More...