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Video: The most amazing beat box ad ever

Very impressive beat box skill. Created by DDB France, the video for Urban Music Channel Trace tries make a viral effect, however, it’s always hard to get the balance between branded content, most people won’t even know get the short brand message at the end.

Screen shot 2010-01-08 at 10.58.51 AM

Viral Video: The fxck you iPhone by Google

I actually laughed out loud on this one. Very funny concept and the actors are great! It is a spoof viral video created by Lineline TV and posted on January 5 (Day of Google announcing Nexus One, it’s trending on Youtube right now with about 200 thousand views and 1077 good ratings. Below are some of the features of the “Fxck you iPhone”: - Texts Asses to iPhone users - Read More...

Another excuse to be naked

Have been looking at viral campaigns a lot lately, hope you’re not bored watching them yet. This one is another good one I found by Tabasco. This 40 seconds video with Greek background music got Tabasco more than 10,200 views since April 30th. Very smart idea as viewers would most likely watch the whole clip and notice Tabasco at the end.

Cool Ad: Melting Perrier by Ogilvy Paris

Being part of Ogilvy, I’m proud to share the success of their new campaign by Ogilvy Paris. With the weather getting warmer, it’s the best time for Perrier to launch this creative TV and print campaign, “melting perrier”. The video was uploaded to Youtube on April 23rd, and there have been 2300 views (plus other video sharing sites), may not be as high-traffic as many viral videos but I really Read More...

Potential to go Viral: Microwaving a cellphone

Phone company NET10 created this campaign called “My Cell phone company is evil” promoting No Bills, No Contract, No Evil prepaid mobile phone service in the US. I think the “evil effect” in the video is digital but it’s not confirmed yet. This video is similar to the cellphone popcorn campaign, has high viral potential (althought the video was posted on Youtube in May 2008), Boing Boing just posted it Read More...